Baby Health Care

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Let us tell you what is important to mothers of children today;

Baby Health Care
  • In the first month, babies are very careful about care. The mother will be a caregiver so she can take care of every child’s needs.
  • It will also help the mother to know if the baby is right and what the baby needs first support the baby’s neck while raising it.

Baby Health Care

  • when raising a baby, be sure to place your hands on the back of your head as the neck of the neck is very weak.
  • Under no circumstances do you hold him by the arm or lift him up. Bouncing or moving a baby in the first month is very dangerous to her health. Because the neck of a child is very weak, the muscles of the neck cannot support their bones properly.
Baby Health Care

Because shaking children loudly and loudly can affect children’s brains. Therefore, whenever raising a baby, give special support to the baby’s neck. Also, massage the baby with mustard oil. Because the bones of the baby are weak and the bones are strong. Children’s head massage is a must.

Baby Bathing

 Now let us tell you about bathing children;

Baby Health Care
  •  This is why many women are worried about the mother and the mother should not bring the children daily. Some say that a baby should not be washed for at least one day after the baby is born because some children suffer so much that they develop a fever. aby Health Care is very important.
  • Doctors say to refrain from bathing the baby daily until the navel falls, if the bleeding immediately after the navel is not disturbed, clean it and apply olive oil.
  • Never bathe your baby with cold water as it risks the baby getting cold. In the winter, usually, the baby should be washed with semi-warm water.
Baby Health Care
  • Do not bring us your baby to the air in winter. Do not bring the fan under the air immediately after bathing. This increases the risk of getting sick.

Breastfeeding a baby

Baby Health Care
  • Newborn babies need food every two to three hours. Sometimes women don’t even know if their baby’s stomach is full or empty. This will make the baby weigh it right.
  • The baby loses weight by one week after birth, but the next week the baby begins to gain weight. After feeding the baby, apply it on the shoulder and suckle it so that it can be digested.
  • The baby may urinate three to four times a day and diarrhea two to three times. If there is water in your diarrhea, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Do not breastfeed your baby after he is turned upside down. Rather, the mother should breastfeed her baby otherwise it is advisable to take care of the cows or base or open milk.
Wash the feeder with warm water
Baby Health Care

Immediately after feeding, wash the feeder with warm water. I have left milk in the feeder. It should be removed in a clean container. Do not let the feeder’s nipples get too old. harmful for Baby Health Care.

How to solve a newborn baby gas problem; let us tell you what the signs are for that first. There is an immediate sign that the baby is crying and he does not understand why he is crying. His stomach is full and clean. And how do you know why the baby is crying?…

Baby Health Care

But growing children face poor health problems. Little kids who are still undergoing development. Today, one of the very best will tell you the magical thing that you have made at home for baby healthcare that you will feed your baby a spoon and then benefit. Let your weak baby be very healthy. No tooth will be easily extracted and the bones will be very strong.

Baby Health

 Will tell you about the ingredients used in its preparation.

Baby Health Care

1; teaspoon and pure honey spoon are very easy to use. This is just a formal half teaspoon of honey mixed with honey to shake the baby in the morning. Experts say that honey strengthens the heart. It also gives the body special strength.

All these types protect the human body from illnesses and also expel toxic substances from the body. Its use strengthens their bones and is extremely helpful. This tip lightens the stomach by providing the necessary amount of calcium vitamin E and stimulates the baby.

Baby pulling a tooth
Baby Health Care
  • Children whose toddlers have reached the age of toothache because when the baby is pulling a tooth, this is a time of concern for both the mother and the baby.
  • Children get irritated and cry more. Sometimes their stomachs get worse and they start to tighten even more. By the age of six months, usually, two baby teeth begin to emerge.
  • After a month or two, the upper two teeth begin to emerge. In this way, one or two new teeth should also be extracted in Harrah. Even by the age of three, half of a child’s teeth come out and some children get sick when they get their teeth.
Baby Health Care
  • This is because the gums are loose due to the tooth extraction, so they have swelling and The caption can be clearly seen. Experts say it does not have any effects on other organs of the baby’s body.
Help your child relax
Baby Health Care
  •  In this situation, there are some helpful tips to help your child relax; Which will be useful and useful to you when you are more worried about gum inflammation, then gently swinging on the gums of the baby for quick fixes will ease the pain of the baby and ease the inflammation.
  • Apply a little bit of honey on your finger and rub it gently and it will easily and easily bleach teeth after the baby. Keep in mind that over-cooling can be harmful to Baby Health Care.

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