Causes of Poverty in America

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  • Causes of Poverty in America in a country that has created a lot of wealthy people and there is a well-educated society, poverty
    is high there.
  • According to a 2014 analysis, the census reported that 7 46.7 trillion people were living in poverty.
  • This means that one out of every six people lives in poverty. People in the world can hardly earn as much as they need to survive.

Today we will talk about the causes of poverty in America in detail,

  • Unfortunately, no one has invented a formula. That will keep everyone away from poverty. primarily because the wrong reaction shows that millions of people living in poverty are living this life. Because of their choices.
  • Probably prefer to stay away from government programs This may be the thought for some people but unfortunately most of the time this is not the case. Millions have increased in urban areas.
  • One of the unpleasant features of human society, which began about 12 thousand years ago in the development of agriculture, has been the phenomenon of poverty as the population increases and the number of people will increase.
Causes of Poverty in America
  • Neurological impairment There are heart diseases and many other diseases. That people do not have the money to cure and they cannot get the education. suffer Causes of Poverty in America.
  • How is society dealing with the millions who are suffering? Affects Americans and how to end this issue, eliminate peoples’ worries and eliminate poverty in their own country altogether.
  • In the United States, if a household has a refrigerated television air conditioner. But its income is low. Then it is considered poor, while in the other blessed we consider them wealthy.
  • And good economic conditions are more likely to be African. American students have a 20% lower graduation rate in high school. Their poverty rate is much higher than average.

The poverty rate in the United States.

  • Most striking is in rural areas where people are less educated and have farming and are under 18 years of age so poverty has become very common in the countryside in large cities.
  • The Causes of Poverty in America rate in the United States is 12% of poetry three percent. People who are physically ineligible have been estimated after the Department of Commerce and the Census, that about ten percent of Americans or nearly thirty million suffer from moderate to severe disability and people who are poor. Various types of disorders are found inside, including weakness. Spinal pain Psychological disturbances.
Causes of Poverty in America

Poverty and health,

  • Our health is also very closely related to our income. The poor are poor. he mortality in their society is high. Because they do not have enough money for their treatment. while the rich are above their health.
  • The main causes of poverty in America. it can also cost a lot of money. A poor man cannot cure his illness. which causes the disease to spread to others. And increase the chances of death of more people.

Poverty and Food,

  • Causes of Poverty in America Poor Humans Cannot Eat Healthy Foods. Poor Families Have Nots of Fruit and Vegetable Diet Because of it, junk food is over-the-counter. Food poverty is not the same as food poverty is not the same. This means that the availability of nutritious food according to the USTA in 2011 was 14.2 percent of households suffering from food security.
Causes of Poverty in America

poverty and crime,

  • The link between poverty and crime is very deep. It relates their factors to poverty and crime. In which the density of the employment-population increases in high school dropout rate, according to a study.
  • Some point that in a particular area when poverty increases. Drastically crime and crime and violence also explode, as people suck for their stomachs and with little resources.
  • With a high school dropout. And then the children wrong things which include they steal drug use El Government programs. That helps people end poverty benefits millions of millions of Americans Most women and children are involved.
  • They also join older people over the age of 65 in. And the enormous benefits of expanding employment have helped three million people to eradicate poverty since 2011.

poverty and War,

War and violence can also be some of the root causes of poverty. Since 2000, crime has affected forty countries.

  • When asked why youths joined groups and rebel groups in over half a dozen countries, respondents said unemployment was the main reason for them.
  • That unemployment causes a man to be involved in crimes and he commits a number of crimes to his own stomach.
  • The government should make food affordable to residents and people free of cost so that poverty can be eradicated and people can read and write to improve their economic conditions.

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