Exercise at home for women

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When work and family life take over, doing home fitness exercises for a woman quickly becomes a necessity. Designed to strengthen our body, these women’s bodybuilding exercises to do at home may be the perfect solution for us! 

We don’t have to spend hours at the gym to improve our fitness. Three hours a week of fitness exercises at home are enough to reap the rewards of our efforts. We will be physically stronger and sharper; Through a home-made women’s fitness program, we will take on better daily habits, improving our health and morale.  

Strength training exercises for women at home. It also means having less pain in the joints, having stronger knees and backs while being more sheathed. Women tend to run away from strength training exercises at home, wrongly for fear of gaining too much muscle. As our bodies produce less testosterone than men, it is simply impossible for us to transform ourselves into muscle. 

Strength training exercises for women at home:

Weight loss: our body burns calories more efficiently as we gain lean mass and lose fat (muscles consume more energy). Combined with a healthy diet, home fitness exercises help women avoid muscle loss. 

Stronger bones: a home-made women’s bodybuilding program also improves musculature health. Our bone density increases when we lift loads, preventing calcium loss and osteoporosis that appears with age. 

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Better health: A home-made women’s fitness program can help us control potentially serious health problems. Such as cholesterol, high blood pressure.

Sleep: Studies have shown that bodybuilding at home improves sleep quality because it helps us fall asleep faster and deeper. 

Fitness exercises at home:

The women’s fitness exercises to do at home are varied and varied:

Let’s not hesitate to try several in order to find the ones that suit us best. However, before we start, let’s see our doctor and start with a coach. 

Here are some very effective home fitness exercises

Fitness elastics: very suitable when starting home-bodybuilding exercises, they are inexpensive and offer good resistance. Versatile and flexible, we can adjust them as we strengthen ourselves. Lightweight and easy to carry for a woman. They are perfect if we are limited in storage or if we travel a lot. 

Exercise at home for women

Dumbbells: the perfect solution to build muscle quickly at home when you are a woman. Be careful to position our body when we use this type of weight. For beginners, adopt a home fitness program tailored to our fitness and goals. 

Bodybuilding equipment: they are particularly suitable for beginners in home-school fitness exercises. They impose a fixed movement, while allowing to choose the level of resistance. So, we’re more in control of the movement. 

Swedish Gymnastics: this form of strength training exercises for house-based women relies on body weight using movements.

Such as pumps, squats, pull-ups and double bars, or dips. If we think it’s easy, let’s think again! Performed correctly, Swedish gymnastics is ideal for regaining fitness and losing weight. 

Exercise at home for women

Pilates: this technique strengthens the body and develops flexibility and endurance through controlled movements. It is very popular with women because it sharpens the musculature in the long term. There are two types of Pilates: on carpets or using devices. 

Yoga: all yoga categories are very good complements to our home strength program for women. This sport alone is an intense physical exercise, very good for getting back in shape. Whichever type of yoga you choose, most postures allow you to build muscle, while improving flexibility and mobility. 

Kettle bell: this accessory is perfect if we already practice bodybuilding at home and want to take it to the next level. Be careful, as with dumbbells, it is important to learn the movements from a professional. The most common gestures are swinging, moving up and down, getting up while brandishing the Kettle-bell, and ripping it off, or “snatching.”

Most movements are explosive. As our center of gravity is moved, we are forced to continuously mobilize our muscles to maintain balance, allowing the whole body to work. 

Bodybuilding at home: women’s exercises 

“Maximizing sessions for better results by spending less time” is now my motto. Since the majority of women are not looking for mass gain. The case in men, a fitness-type beginner women’s bodybuilding program will be more than enough to achieve the desired results. 

The benefits of bodybuilding in women are many. Because I have seen it myself with my clients, I can attest to the benefits of regular and serious practice. And what is most impressive is the speed with which some people progress, sometimes beyond their own expectations. Bodybuilding will reshape a silhouette, ideal for women wishing to lose abdominal fat; not to mention the mothers who, after giving birth, found themselves with bloated bellies, not very sharp shapes. 

Exercise at home for women

If you’re one of those people who thinks that bodybuilding – abandoning femininity, it’s quite the opposite. Thanks to fitness you will find harmonious shapes. In addition to having more bouncing buttocks, a flat stomach, firm arms, curved thighs, and many others. Bodybuilding programs are available to all. So, you just have to choose one of them depending on which part of the body.

Main strength training exercises for a complete program 

Nothing is done at random, let alone in sport. If you want to change your body, start by asking yourself what are your weaknesses and therefore the areas to work in particular. From this will result in the type of program to be adapted.

It is obvious that an overweight woman wishing only to lose fat. It will not do the same sessions as another already did in search of a bigger buttock.  

 Generally aware that in bodybuilding all parts of the body can work back, arms, belly, waist, buttocks, thighs, legs, hips, etc. 

 If you want to work the body as a whole, a full bodybuilding program will be the most suitable. Here is a program proposal on a session: 

Alternative Abdominal Program: Giant Series 

You can see that each time you have alternatives according to your ability. If you have access to a room, only with free weights at home, or exercises at body weight when possible for those who do not have fitness equipment at all. 

 Indeed, even if it is true that in bodybuilding the majority of movements are done with devices. It is just as possible to do exercises without equipment. Proof, there is the complete bodybuilding program without equipment. 

Exercise at home for women

 The program I have given you is varied to allow you to work the body in its entirety. 

 If you want to target a specific part, work more on the part by adding one or two exercises. A good solution may be to work in full body once a week, then target the targeted.

Do you dream of firmer legs and a flat stomach? Yes, but lo and behold, the gym is too far away, always crowded and especially quite expensive. 

Your solution: play sports at home! Abdominal exercises can be done in the living room or bedroom, and you won’t need anything but small dumbbells.

For exercises to have any effect on your body in the short to medium term. You need to burn calories regularly. At least three days a week, get off the couch, take out a gym mat and go! And beware, just because you’re out of sight doesn’t mean you have to relax! 


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