How to loose weight quickly without exercise in a week

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How to loose weight quickly without exercise in a week without going through the exercise and diet boxes is possible. As long as you still follow certain rules and adopt good everyday actions.  

Forcing on magnesium  

This micronutrient is considered one of the best allies of weight loss because it facilitates the elimination of fats and turns it into energy boosters.  

Without it, the body does not absorb nutrients properly and its deficiency causes stress or fatigue. Result: you throw yourself on the food to compensate.

It is therefore better to rush to foods rich in magnesium (bread and whole rice, almonds, dark chocolate, lentils, banana, spinach ) or consume them in the form of dietary supplements.If you tighten loose belly skin at home.

Tasting flowers 

Thoughts, Capuchin, violets, zucchini flowers… The flowers offer a festive look to the dishes. 

How to loose weight quickly without exercise in a week

But what does this have to do with weight loss? It seems that the brain triggers the signal of satiety early when the beautiful, the good and the fun come to the table.  

We do not hesitate to sprinkle on taboos, vegetables and other fruit salads.  

Cleanse your intestines 

In the morning, on an empty day, we drink a large glass of hot water with lemon juice to revive a lazy transit and clean in his intestines. 

The alkalizing power of lemon counterbalances the accumulated acidity (true preventer of destocking in peace!) 

Enjoying the benefits of plants 

In case of bloated belly after meals, we opt for infusions based on dill (three cups a day) or green anise (before each meal). 

How to loose weight quickly without exercise in a week

Getting into reflexology 

If our intestines function at low speeds, a reflexology of the solar plexus is required. 

Its arch is divided into three, in the direction of height and the line is massaged in the first third at the level of the hump located under the big toe. For a lazy intestine, the third line is massaged above the heel. 

Unhinging anti-fat weapons 

At the top of the list is chitosan. Which captures some of the lipids and eliminates them before assimilation (to be consumed as tablets before meal). 

Another anti-fat weapon par excellence: chia seeds. They allow the burning of fats thanks to their omega 3 content. Sprinkled on salads, gratins or yoghurt. 

Consuming high-dose calcium 

Calcium short-circuits the production of abdominal fat cells and accelerates the intestinal elimination of lipids. Ideal to counter localized curves. 

They are found in dairy products, including 0%, skimmed milk powder and some water (Italians, Comtrex, Courmayeur). 

How to loose weight quickly without exercise in a week

They have an ultra-low hypoglycemic index, almost zero fat and zero calories, a very high content of fiber, protein, intestinal anti-lipid calcium and essential iodine for the thyroid. Weight lose fast at home.

The right recipe: 150g sea lettuce – 150g duels (in organic and Asian stores) – 1 lemon juice – 1 shallot – 2 cloves of sprout-free garlic – 5 pickles – 2 tbsp olive oil. Rinse the seaweed three times and drain. Mix the condiments first and add the seaweed, lemon and oil. Mix again for three seconds without pureeing. Salt, pepper. 

Detoxify your body with aloe Vera and birch juice 

Well drained, the body outsmarts the pounds. Indeed, when the emulsions are dirty, the body accumulates more than it burns. 

Three times a year, we alternate a cure of birch juice and a cure of aloe Vera, two powerful detoxifies. We complete each day with two infusions and a capsule of herbal medicine (black radish or artichoke). 

Offer lymphatic drainage 

The sliding pressures of lymphatic drainage decongest the tissues and activate the return of the lymph. You lose up to one size in a month, at the rate of one session per week. 

The paper-roll by hand or with the machine and the technique of endourology unravel the subcutaneous fibrosis and allow to drain as much as possible. 

Boost fat melting with protein 

Our quiet strength is the natural proteins: ham, yoghurt, eggs, poultry, fish, meat… They waste calories by requiring colossal energy from the body to be degraded and assimilated. 

As a bonus, the lysine they contain activates the growth hormone secreted at night, which in turn accelerates lipolysis. In short, we burn fat… By eating! 

Collect vitamin C and caffeine 

To turbo-burn by doping 3 to 4% of its basic metabolism, vitamin C is combined with caffeine. 

The explosive cocktail? A behemoth in vitamin C (frozen cassia: 200 mg/100 g – orange: 79.5 mg/100 g – kiwi: 56 mg/100 g – mango: 44 mg/ 100 g) – a double espresso.  

Basic rules of a low-calorie diet to lose weight:  

  • Incorporate seasonal vegetables into every meal 
  • Vegetables should account for half of the plate in volume  
  • Consume a source of lean protein at every meal: poultry, egg, fish, tofu, etc.  
  • Choose a quality fatty acid: olive oil, oilseeds, rapeseed oil, etc.  
  • Listen to the eating sensations and eat to your fullest  
  • Make 3 main meals and one snack if needed  
  • Ban snacking between meals 
  • Limit sugary products  
  • Prefer starchy foods and whole meal breads 
  • Cooking home-cooked meals and avoiding prepared meals and processed foods  
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily, avoid industrial sodas and fruit juices  
  • Limiting alcohol consumption  
  • Regular physical activity allows:  
  • Maintaining lean mass and building muscle  
  • Getting a toned and more harmonious silhouette  
  • Optimizing weight loss in combination with a healthy diet  
  • Reducing the risk of weight gain  
  • Metabolism stimulation  
  • Decrease in body fat, cellulite and waist circumference 
  • Improved morale and mood 
  • Better management of food intake and reduced snacking  
  • Optimizing energy levels 
  • Improved sleep  
  • Prevention of various pathologies: cardiovascular, joint, metabolic, etc. 

Losing weight without exercise: a good idea? 

For all the reasons stated above, losing weight without exercise is never advisable. Not for the line, not for health. Indeed, the practice of physical activity must be part of a global lifestyle in order to live better, and longer. However, there are some exceptional cases of people in whom activity is impossible. In these cases, the diet will have to fill this lack of activity by providing the right nutrients for maintaining lean mass. For others, a 30-minute daily physical activity is the best habit for a healthy life.  

How can you gradually increase your level of physical activity? 

If losing weight without exercise is not the best option, there is also no need to convert into a top athlete to hope to lose a few pounds. 

A few simple tricks allow you to gradually increase your daily activity level without even thinking about it: 

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator  
  • Make a piece of the work-home journey on foot  
  • Take the bike instead of the metro or the car for short trips  
  • Organize hikes with friends  
  • Take advantage of the weekend to visit new places on foot  
  • Take advantage of the lunch break to do half an hour of brisk walking  
  • Do some sheathing exercises in front of the TV 
  • Get into the habit of getting off a stop before your usual transport stop 

Muscle the inside of the thighs against sagging skin 

When weight gaining, fat tends to be stored inside the thighs. As a result, when dieting, this area often lacks firmness. The solution? Muscle the adductors! 

Lie on your right side and flex your left leg, keeping the arch on the ground. At the same time, stretch your right leg, before climbing it vertically and then lowering it. To work your abductors even more, you can have the weights on your feet. 

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