Korean skin care routine for acne

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Today I come back with an article Korean skin care routine for acne. If you are looking for a routine to eliminate your imperfections and have smoother skin, I hope this article can help you. It will be divided into two parts, my morning routine and my evening routine. For smooth skin please use natural face masks.

Since this year I have finally found my good morning routine, thanks in particular to the recommendations of the team of Amble. What I will share has worked and works for me, however, it is up to you to find the routine that suits you and that especially suits your type of skin, because each skin is unique and reacts differently. But if my tips can help you I will be more than happy :). So, I’m going to introduce you to my routine and how I’m doing with my skin type. 

Each skin type has its own skincare 

To take care of your skin and respect its nature, first be sure to choose products suitable for your skin type.  

Particular attention to fragile areas 

They require special care, especially for the eye area or for the lips. These areas of your face are more sensitive.  

A smooth cleaning 

The care of your sensitive skin begins as soon as you remove make-up remover. 

Essential exfoliation 

Korean skin care routine for acne

Also consider using a suitable scrub. This one must be both effective whiles being gentle and respectful. Choose a best scrub, perfect to smooth the skin while respecting its balance. My Recommend

Essential hydration 

The derma is made up of 70% water and the epidermis at 15%. To maintain hydration rate. Therefore, important to opt for daily moisturizing treatment. You can also use a moisturizing mask regularly, removing the excess with a thermal water mist. 

Hypoallergenic makeup, preferably 

To avoid the risk of allergies associated with the use of products that are not adapted to your skin, choose a hypoallergenic makeup specially formulated to meet the requirements of all skins and eyes, even sensitive ones. 

Watch out for the sun 

Whatever the season, choose daily treatments that incorporate solar filtration.   

My 5-step morning routine  

 Cleanse your skin: Charcoal and black sugar Lairs soap 

I can’t say it enough, which helped me a lot with my pimples at first was the cleanser! An essential step of skincare especially when you have acne or blemishes. For a long time, I stayed on Biodeme’s gel cleanser, but French cleansers specially designed for ‘problem skins’ tend to be more aggressive than Korean cleansers, which are much softer.  Deep cleansing without irritation, Suitable for sensitive skin.

Korean skin care routine for acne

After the first use I directly adopted this soap. It leaves a very soft finish on the skin and for a cleanser, I know it’s surprising, but I feel that my skin is hydrated after its passage and I have no more small white pimples (which I had at the chin) since I use it. I leave it in a small iron box from Lush (made for solid shampoos at the base).  

I do everything with my hands I do not like to use brush or gloves, I make it foam in my hands and I use the foam with my palms and fingertips, always very delicately.  

SOS buttons 

Also, if you have buttons but you would like to hide them during the day, I recommend the Misha patches that will allow you to camouflage your button while treating it. At the end of the day or night, it allows to make your button mature and also for my part, to avoid touching my pimples during the day because the golden rule when you have acne is to avoid any pray to touch your face during the day because all microbes in your hands may end up on your face. 

Prepare your skin: Tonic Clair’s  

Korean skin care routine for acne

This tonic was advised by TK and honestly, I do not regret having bought it. Already for its texture since it has a very pleasant gel texture to work with.

I use it morning and evening, I apply it to my cleansed skin and I make it penetrate with the tips of my fingers by small massages. I usually pat my face at the end so that the product is fully absorbed.  

After using it a few days, I saw the difference on my skin, me who tends to have dull skin, the tonic brightens my complexion and more generally wakes me up face. If you have dilated pores (which is my case at the area of the nose) you will see that the tonic has an immediate effect and will allow to close your pores.  

Hydrate your skin: team emulsion AC MILD 

For a long time, I used a moisturizer for the day but as soon as I started using an emulsion I was conquered! I like to make up, during the day I noticed that my BB cream tended to run in fine lines. But since I use an emulsion, I have much less this problem.  


Right now, I’m using the
Aloe Vera Plant Gel – 100% Pure Organic Aloe Leaf Gel for Face and Body After Sun Care. Very effective at regulating sebum and treating my acne gently. I make it penetrate by small massage and it leaves my skin soft and hydrated for the day. It leaves a very velvety finish, slightly shiny and very pleasant on the skin. In short, I recommend it!  

Out covered: protective sunscreen from Missha 

If you go outside, before you put on makeup does not forget the essentials to protect your skin: sunscreen. The more you protect your skin from the sun, the less pimples and less wrinkles you will have, because yes. 

Buy Best Missha

We also think about your future skin! I use the one of Missha which is perfect, whether you go out made-up or not because it is both a very good makeup base and it has a very good coverage. If you don’t have any defects, this cream is more than enough 😉  

 Complexion with a BB cream/Blush duet and a lipstick 

I have imperfections, I like to be able to hide them but without smothering my skin under miles of foundation. I converted, for a few years now to the BB cream. In general, I use one that has a “glass skin” rendering on my skin, for a few months I use the one in the range It’s Skin, in addition to being inexpensive, it leaves a very beautiful rendering on my skin and leaves it glowing!   

If I just want to have a fresh complexion, I put my sunscreen and a little blush on the cheeks, right now I use the sugar ball that has a creamy texture and very nice. It usually keeps me up all day. 

If I just want a light makeup I usually settle for a lipstick. I always exfoliate my lips before, here with the chocolate scrub from Lush to then give a better look of lipstick. Right now, I’m a fan of Holika Holika‘s cute heart-shaped lipstick, it has a very creamy texture and has a very glow rendering. I have the Wild Berry Pong hue, ideal for early spring 😉  

I hope you liked Korean skin care routine for acne article, if you have any ideas or suggestions about some of the products you use comment here. Click here

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